Weddings are a once a lifetime (hopefully!) event, and a day that the wedding couple will enjoy permanently. Wedding photos play a big part of this, however, this may also put a countless number of stress on the photographer – lacking a shot isn’t an option.

Despite the fact that wedding photography is probably the most demanding problem a photographer can encounter, it is also probably the most satisfying. In case you are lucky, it could even result in a profitable and pleasurable profession.

If you’ve been inspired to photograph somebody’s special day, or if you have in mind gaining some knowledge about an eye to making it your occupation, remember these instructions to ensure that all sorts of things will go as easily and stress-free as feasible.


Wedding photography can be quite demanding and lots of working hard. One thing to determine is regardless of whether you really want the obligation. If you’ve been asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, keep in mind that it’s possible to refuse.

It’s advisable to acquire some experience prior to going it alone as a wedding photographer – see if there is a local photographer in Dubai who’ll allow you to tag along and notice; just be sure you stay well out of their way, and don’t anticipate getting compensated. You may then be much better prepared when it involves your first solo shoot.


Weddings are extremely hectic and stressful, so get yourself ready for your shoot ahead of time is important. Begin by obtaining an itinerary of the day so you understand specifically where you need to be and when. Visit the venues (church, reception hall etc) prior to the big day so you understand how to arrive and how to get around.

This is also the time to start scoping out good photo possibilities. Whenever possible, go on a couple of friends to present for some test photos, or even better consider the wedding couple so you can discuss the things they like and don’t like.


Take a seat with the groom and bride and create a list of all the photos they are planning on in the final album – everything from the group family photo to the snapshots of Auntie Marj. Although it can be a tedious process, on the day this list will be your savior, helping you to stay focused on the hustle and bustle.