Amusement Parks and Theme Parks — Section 2 of 3

To cut a lengthy story brief, right here is part two of my 3-part report, along with the four remaining Leading German Amusement and Concept Parks.arung jeram dufan

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This a person is awesome much too, mainly because it jogs my memory on my childhood. Would you try to remember playing with Lego stones inside your childhood? I played a great deal! So, your young children (therefore you too) might such as this park a great deal, I assume. The German model of Legoland is found in Guenzburg, in between Ulm and Augsburg, South Germany. More than fifty million in the cherished bricks were developed into styles similar to the head of Albert Einstein, the Neuschwanstein Castle, or even the Venice Palace of your Doge. You even can put your own personal hand on and create your very individual types. Moreover, you find several other world-well-known buildings original-faithfully copied. Pure fascination.

Movie Park Germany (previous “Warner Bros. Film World”)

“Today, you’ll be during the motion pictures.” they introduce to their park. This film- and attraction park is situated in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, in between Duesseldorf and Dortmund, while in the remaining center of Germany. You’ll find five otherwise themed locations, like “Thrills” (e.g. roller coasters), “Family&Kids” and “Wonderland Studios” (e.g. cartoon stars, kiddie carousels), “Water Fun” (e.g. water rides like “Ice Age Adventure”), and the “Hollywood” section (e.g. “German Movie Museum”).

Freizeitland Geiselwind

Bavarian’s leading Amusement Park offers a mix from nature park, play and maintenance offers, shows, driving attractions and special exhibitions. The area is clearly divided into an animal and a nature range, which pull themselves approximately around the facility, the action range (lays central) and a stage mile. This park is 400,000 sq.m. large, and located in Geiselwind involving Nuernberg and Wuerzburg, south-middle of Germany.


Lift off! Fly skywards, higher and higher into the blue. Circle the sky on airy wings, faster than the seagulls above the sea. The earth is but a dot, everyday life is a distant memory. When adrenalin shoots into your blood and your stomach is invaded by butterflies, you know your aim: reaching for the stars! Yeah, that’s the Hansapark, located in Sierksdorf by Luebeck at the East Sea, north Germany. Raise your arms in the air and feel as free as a bird. When you are a hardened roller coaster enthusiast, this Theme Park is a “must-visit” for you. Even though it’s situated in the “cold north”, it is even hotter on its hair-blowing facilities.

So, that’s the end of Component two! Within the very last part I will reveal how you can save approx. 50% of your valuable time in such Amusement Parks.

Nicely, I wish you lots of fun!