I absolutely love my new Gaggia espresso machine

Watch that temperation … a coffee machine at Prufrock'sMy extremely ancient and much loved espresso machine recently died on me. I was gutted, as I had bought this machine when I first got married; it symbolised to me many happy memories. But it was old and had served its time. I love my coffee, no, I crave coffee and especially an espresso first thing when I wake up. I can’t function properly without my coffee. So there was nothing else for it but to buy a new espresso machine. The only problem was choosing one, There are so many different brands out there, I didn’t know where to start. What I did know though, was that I needed to choose a well loved make and one that would last. So I knew that I wouldn’t be looking at the budget end of the market, I wanted this espresso maker to last for as many years as my previous one.

So, I decided to be proactive and to do a little research, therefore I started by looking online. A name that kept popping up at me was the Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Now to be honest I hadn’t heard of this make before, but the customer reviews that I read were all very positive about their range of machines and their customer service seemed to be faultless. Anyway, I asked my husband about Gaggia espresso machines to see if he had heard of them and he told me that his mother owns one, I never knew! So of course, I phoned he up and asked her about it and she told me that they make wonderful espresso, she’s had her Classic machine for years. Unfortunately my mother-in-law does not live near us, so I couldn’t pop round fo try out the machine. but her glowing testimonial was enough to persuade me to buy one, and I’m so glad I did.

I absolutely love my Gaggia espresso machine. It looks just like those that you see in coffee bars, it’s all shiny steel and ultra compact. It looks fantastic sat on my kitchen counter and I now rush downstairs in the morning to make my espresso, and it makes espresso really quickly. It’s a double espresso maker, so this means I can make my husband a cup as well. The major benefit though of this machine is the taste. I have never tasted espresso quite like it, well not outside of a coffee bar anyway.

All Clad Cookware Set: The Top Stainless Steel Cooking Set

It has been a few months now since I reopened my dad’s restaurant. It was in some kind of mess but I did some pretty good general refurbishing. I had to replace a couple of items including the entire cookware range. I checked out quite a number of cookware sets from different brands and manufacturers but I was really captivated by the All Clad cookware reviews. Their cookware sets simply stand out among others. They have 20, 14, 12, 10, 7, 5, 4 and even 2 piece sets made of stainless steel that has quite a glittering effect that adds up to the kitchen appearance.
Their cooking surface also made of stainless steel not only is quick and easy to clean but also does not react with food. On the issue of cleaning, they even have their own cleaner and polish that you can buy separately. Their handles have also been riveted to keep them strong. The All Clad cookware set can be used with almost all cooktops and is also optimal for induction.

Moreover, it is broiler, dishwasher and oven safe. Due to the material used, the cookware is that light thus easily portable and also durable. I bought 3 20 piece sets for my staff 2 months ago and they are still using them to date so be assured of quality service over a long period of time. The stainless steel also equally distributes heat so cases of hot spots that burn food are effectively reduced. I also went for an All Clad copper cookware set which was more expensive but known to be suited for professional kitchens.

all clad copper cookware

These cookware sets are also ideal for a home kitchen set up. Their user friendliness and appearance are guaranteed to better your kitchen experience.

If you are on the look out for the best cookware set for kitchen use or is simply looking for the ideal wedding gift for a friend or relative I would recommend you to go for the All Clad cookware set. This product will offer good value for the money that you intend to spend.

An Insight of the Best Nonstick Cookware Sets

The nonstick feature of various cookware sets is a result of a synthetic coating on the surface of pots and pans that prevents pasty ingredients from sticking to their surfaces. Therefore, my experience with nonstick cooking sets has been an easier and more comfortable cooking experience especially with sticky ingredients coupled with the subsequent ease of cleaning involved. Further, for health conscious shoppers like myself, nonstick cookware respond to the use of minimal cooking fat so well that high cholesterol levels are no longer a major concern.
nonstick pan
According to the best nonstick cookware reviews, a buyer should take various factors into consideration when shopping for nonstick cookware. These factors range from cost, energy efficiency, compatibility with other kitchen appliances such as utensils, ovens and dishwashers, to health related concerns arising from the materials that make up the nonstick layers. In choosing the type of surface, I would recommend thermolon surfaces over teflon ones because while thermolon does not chemically react to high temperatures, teflon linings chemically break down in extreme temperatures resulting in the release of poisonous and carcinogenic substances.

The best nonstick cookware reviews give a comprehensive insight on how to ensure value for money. Where cost is not a limiting factor, I would encourage a buyer to go for the ten-piece Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Set. This set’s lining has diamond crystals ingrained into it and is free of teflon based substances thereby reducing the risk of toxic substances. Its surface is very hard and resistant to cuts and scratches thus, can be used with metal utensils. The set is extremely energy efficient because the diamond crystals are light and better conductors of heat than most metals. Further, the heat is evenly distributed across the pan. The set is also compatible with dishwashers and using it with an oven is also safe.

For low cost and economical cooking sets, my preference is for the T-Fall Cooking Set, the ten-piece E938SA Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Indicator Cookware Set to be specific. This set is an anodized surface hence durable, and its nonstick surface is scratch-proof. As an anodized product, it means that the set is free of any possible toxic substances that may react to heat. Further, the indicator on the pan is used as an alert of when the pan’s preheating temperature is at its optimum for use. Although the set is dishwasher compatible, it is also very easy to wash it by hand. A survey of the best nonstick cookware reviews would show that the Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Set and the T-Fall E938SA Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Indicator Cookware Set represent the best cookware sets on either end of the cost spectrum.

Meal Preparation Starts with Chef Knives

chef knife
When I discovered that the enjoyment of preparing a good meal starts with the knife, I have ever considered checking for the latest chef knife reviews, purposely to get more excitements in the kitchen with new knives. For a long time, I never understood a good knife matters when it comes to kitchen stuffs. I feel sorry when I remember how my old knife gave me blisters; however, I feel comforted knowing that I have one of the world’s best knives with me. I remember a colleague directed me to a site where I managed to check for chef knife reviews, and now, I am one of the happiest moms. My kitchen is well equipped with the following;

Wusthof chef knife

Wusthof is one of the classic chef knives, which provides full tang with triple rivets for both excellent grip and durability. I have discovered that the knife was made from very special steel alloys forged from the pieces of highly tempered carbon steel, which gives it its outstanding endurance under several conditions. Its polymer handle, is durable and most importantly, fits the hand flawlessly. The knife cuts like a dream! I love this set of knife.

Henkels chef knife

This knife has a handle molded from what is known as polypropylene and also has a full tang, that easily extends through the handle. To ensure sharpness as well as strain resistance, the knife is manufactured from high carbon stainless steel materials. The blades are keenly forged to give the chef a nice cutting edge retention, balance and weight. I especial enjoy its hand-honed bolsters which gratify for extra balance and safety when using it.

Fissler chef knife

Fissler is also one of my best knives I have. It embodies a cutting-edge that reinterprets the traditional Solingen, a knife from Germany. The knife has sharp blades as well as a tang, which to a greater degree, is precision-forged from a piece of steel to a perfect treatment of electron to give the knife a perfect corrosion resistance and sharpness. I am pleased with the sweeping ninety degrees rotational tang of its perfect line. This is my favorite knife; you should also consider it.